There will be an amazing athelete by the name of Jeremy Scott attending the 2012 Olympics in London, England performing in the pole valut event. Scott is originally from Norfolk, Nebraska currently living in Arkansas. Jeremy Scott graduated from Norfolk High then went onto attend Alleghany College in Arkansas. Due to an accident from football, pole vaulting became the new interest. Now Scott has become a fantastic player in this type of eventful sport.

According to, “Scott cleared 18 4-1/4 at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials in Eugene, Oregon, on Thursday night. He qualified for his first Olympic Games with a second-place finish in the event final of the pole vault.”

Event records in USA Track & Field show great numbers of what this athelete can do when doing this competition. Scott’s best USA/World Ranking which show how well Scott does at this sport event. For example, in 2011, performing the sport indoor the recorded numbers at pole vaulting were 5.80m/19.0.25 which gave him the rating of being number one in the United States of America and Number seven in the world. The 2011 outdoor best ratings for pole vault Scott achieved were 5.72m/18-9.25 which made him number three in the United States and number 19 in the world.

Scott built a personal web page to share his thoughts and activities before the Olympics trials began. On Scott’s website he built a favorite page that shares two favorite quotations. Both quotations show a high level of determination so it will be an exciting moment to watch the pole vaulting event when Scott competes.

by: Susan Elvins


Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott

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