My husband, Olympian Jeremy Scott, came home to hugs and tears yesterday afternoon.  Jeremy had been home for only a few days since the Olympic Trials in mid-June.  He, immediately after the Olympics, competed in several meets in Germany before returning home.  And while Jeremy returned to an enthusiastic 21 month-old and teary eyed wife, he did not return to the USA with his pole vault poles.

Yesterday, Sunday, August 26th Jeremy checked in at the Delta desk in Dusseldorf, Germany for his flight home as he has done countless times before.  He was told repeatedly and vehemently that his poles would not be allowed on the plane.  After many questions and repeated assurances from Jeremy that his poles indeed have flown many times before without incident, the Delta representative flat out denied Jeremy’s pleas.

The options were simple–stay or leave the poles behind. Jeremy had been promising me (his wife) and Cam (his son) for weeks that he would be home on the 26th.  Cameron had a countdown calendar of how many days until daddy got home posted in his bedroom and on this particular day knew daddy was coming home “today!”  Jeremy did not want to disappoint his family and chose to fly without his poles.As it currently stands, his pole vault poles (the livelihood of his profession) are still in Dusseldorf, Germany.

by: Sarah Scott


Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott

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