Joel Ho of Singapore Sports School clinches title with 3.70m effort

Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Monday, April 7, 2014 — Joel Ho of Singapore Sports School vaulted a height of 3.70m to clinch gold at the 55th National Inter-School Track & Field Championships.

The B Division record is held by Chan Sheng Yao of HCI, who set the mark of 4.64m in 2012.

Larenz Chui of Victoria School (VS) finished second by clearing 3.65m, while Jerome Boon of Raffles Institution (RI) was third with 3.55m.

Joel was the firm favourite to win the title, as he was the only vaulter in the field of 11 to have cleared four metres and above. The 15-year-old was also a perfect two of two in National Schools’ pole vault competitions.

The field was narrowed down to the final three competitors by 3.55m. Chan Jun Da of Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), Li Jianhan and Ethan Cheong of Victoria School all failed in their three attempts to clear the height. Joel’s first attempt was at 3.70m, hence he did not participate in any of the vaults at the lower heights.

At 3.65m, Larenz (VS #479) managed to clear the height on his final attempt to leave him and Joel as the only contenders remaining in the field.

Joel managed to clear his first attempt at 3.70m easily, putting pressure on Larenz to match his effort. After failing on his first two attempts at 3.70m, Larenz decided to attempt a vault at 3.75m. However, he was unable to succeed and had to yield to Joel.

“It feels good to win, although it was a bit disappointing as it was short of my personal best,” said Joel, who managed to vault 4.10m at the 40th Singapore Youth & Junior Athletics Championships. “Nevertheless, I would like to thank my coach and school for supporting me. They really helped to nurture me and be what I am today,” he added.

Joel has qualified for the 100m final, and is also slated to run in the sprint relays.

B Div Pole Vault (Boys) Results
1st Ho Chi Kin Joel (#117, Singapore Sports School) – 3.70m
2nd Larenz Chui Wai Kit (#479, Victoria School) – 3.65m
3rd Jerome Boon Yan Heng (#288, Raffles Institution) – 3.55m
4th Chan Jun Da (#524, Hwa Chong Institution) – 3.45m
5th Li Jianhan (#482, Victoria School) – 3.45m
6th Ethan Cheong (#471, Victoria School) – 3.45m
7th Lim Wei Zheng (#296, Raffles Institution) – 2.95m
8th Teng Shi En, Jonathan (#306, Raffles Institution) – 2.75m
9th Ong Jin Han, Gareth (#545, Hwa Chong Institution) – 2.75m




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