Jordan Scott Inspires Fitness in Two Missouri Elementary Schools

On December 10, pole vaulter Jordan Scott had the opportunity to spend the day and play the Run With US! game with children from two elementary schools in Springfield, Missouri as part of the GoNoodle program. Below he shares what it means to him to give back to the community.

Even more than winning an Olympic Gold Medal or breaking a world record, being in a position to inspire our youth to be physically active, teach good morals, and excite kids about the sport of track & field has been a goal of mine for years! I was fortunate to have two of the best parents in the world and was showered with support and encouragement, but the majority of kids in this country and around the world do not have that luxury. It is one of the most rewarding experiences an athlete can have to inspire someone to pursue their dreams, because most of us don’t put everything on the line, break out of our comfort zone, and turn their dreams into a reality. And that is what I want to influence people to do – make sacrifices, take risks, and chase your dreams!!

Rountree and Jeffries Elementary Schools were two very special schools. The principals were both extremely generous, supportive, and passionate about my Olympic Dream. I can only imagine how those characteristics carry over to their own kids at their respective schools. Those kids are lucky, and they proved how wonderful their leadership is by being very well behaved and so excited to see me! I felt like a celebrity and those kids didn’t realize how much I was appreciative of the opportunity even more than they enjoyed the break from class! I can’t wait to visit more schools!



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