Olympic excitement is still brewing and this July issue continues to look into promising vaulters who we hope to see competing in London this month.  American Record Holder Brad Walker has overcome serious and long-lasing injury to get to where he is at.  If you love the challenge of pole vaulting like Brad Walker does, you will find his story very inspiring.  UCLA alumni Katy Viuf is qualified and declared to compete in the Olympic Trials in spite of many injuries she has had to endure.  Her story will also leave you inspired and her positive outlook can’t help but rub off on anybody who reads it.

A must read is our article on Florida State University alumni Lacy Janson.  She gives some great advice on technique and shows a great example of how to stay focused. Not to mention making her mark becoming an Olympian!

Another great article this month, for young vaulters, is our feature on Coach Mandie Rowell at Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.  She has lead her Eagles through a very successful season and you won’t want to miss reading about her and her promising young athletes.

For an exciting look at a great Pole Vault training facility check out our article on Shealy Athletics in Columbia, South Carolina.  Rusty Shealy, the owner, and his wife Nancy are bringing a dream to life and they are bringing great things to the Pole Vault world.  Rusty Shealy speaks so lovingly about his vaulters that he coaches, and gives a lot of his time elsewhere too.  You will want to go train with Rusty Shealy after reading what he has to say.

And 90 year old Grandpa Bell just jumped 7 feet on his 90th birthday on March 19th at his 3-time Olympian son Earl’s training facility- Bell Athletics in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Many supporters saw him jump that day and it was quite an event.  You won’t want to miss what Grandpa Bell has to say.

Keep reading for more inspiring and informative stories like these, and to see how these 2012 Olympic Games play out for these wonderful athletes who were kind enough to give us a look at their lives and insights.  We hope to have you routing for them this year.

Doug Bouma – Editor – The VAULTER Magazine

July Issue


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