What an epic moth June was with the Vaulter Magazine Big Red Barn meet. We didn’t think that it could get any better after the first Big Red Barn Meet. We decided to do it again and have another event. This time it was called the Vaulter Magazine Stars and Stripes Big Red Barn Meet”. It was epic, to say the least, and amazing to watch. The National High School record for girls was toppled with a jump of 14’8.25” by Leah Pasqualetti out of New York. Next month will be more of the same with Piotr Lisek on the cover of the magazine.


This month is the last month that we will have Samantha with our magazine. She’s moving on, and we wish her the best of luck with her next adventure. We have a new writer already lines up for the job. This month we have Piotr Lisek on the cover. “As a young vaulter Piotr wasn’t the most skilled, and still struggles with technique to this day. However, his love for the sport, for that “rush like riding a rollercoaster,” is what drives him to work to improve.”


John Clark is back, and he has something to say about taking it easy. “That nagging off-and-on injury and the fairly soon-to-follow COVID-19 shutdown of nearly everything earlier this year slowed my training and vault practice way down for a while, and I sort of backslid a little from my proud P.R. of 8-6 last winter at the Bob Crites Invitational to 8-1 at the 2020 National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, to 7-6 a little over a month ago at a Mac Vault Academy meet.” Thank you, John, great article.


Kreager Taber talks about track and field starting back up for what may be a failed attempt. “Early this year, the month of June promised to kick off the most exciting part of the Olympic season for track and field fans. The city of Eugene, Oregon, was set to host the 2020 United States Track and Field Olympic Trials from June 19th-28th.” Great job!


We had a record-breaking meet at our training facility meet. On the cover, we will have Paige Sommers and Leah Pasqualetti on the cover. First high school girls to ever jump 14’2” at the same meet outdoors. History was made.

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