July 2023 High School State

As we find ourselves back in the familiar embrace of July, it’s hard to believe that just yesterday we were bidding farewell to June. The swift passage of time has brought us to July 2023, where the exhilarating summer vaulting season is in full swing. With state championships recently concluded, we now set our sights on nationals, U20, AAU, and the highly anticipated USATF competition. Prepare for an exciting ride, as this issue is packed with the captivating content you’ve been eagerly seeking. Fasten your seat belts, dear readers, for an unforgettable journey ahead.

On the Cover:

The 2023 state championships in pole vaulting showcased the intense competition and remarkable skills of track and field athletes across the United States. With varying bar heights, these dedicated athletes faced fierce challenges to secure their state championships. From impressive performances in California, Mississippi, and Arizona to outstanding displays in Georgia, Wyoming, Colorado, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, and New York, these pole vaulters pushed the boundaries of their potential. Their determination and athleticism have elevated the sport, leaving a lasting legacy and inspiring future generations of pole vaulters.

Sports that enrich pole vaulting:

Did you know pole vaulting can be combined with other sports to create even more thrilling competitions? In this article, we explore the fusion of pole vaulting with gymnastics, diving, parkour, and rock climbing. These combinations enhance athletes with aerial stunts, demonstrate skill in the water, navigate obstacles, and tackle vertical surfaces while enhancing their pole vaulting abilities. Blending these sports pushes athletes to new levels of athleticism and excitement, providing unique opportunities to showcase their talents. However, proper training and oversight are crucial to ensure safety in these combined events. By merging skills and techniques, athletes can push their limits and engage in dynamic competitions that captivate both participants and spectators.

Facing failure, by Abbey Hope:

Failure is a powerful word that can evoke various emotions, and in her journey with pole vaulting, she discovered her struggle with handling failure. Although no one truly masters pole vaulting, it is crucial to face failure rather than fear it. Making mistakes and analyzing them in a relaxed manner, taking responsibility for what we can control, letting go of what we can’t, and allowing ourselves to feel various emotions are essential steps in handling failure. Recognizing that perfection is unrealistic and that setbacks are not complete failures is important. Remembering why we pole vault and taking a step back to reflect on our progress can reignite the joy in the sport. In both vaulting and life, learning to handle failure is a valuable asset in the marathon of our journey. Thank you, Abbey, good job!


Join us next month as we delve into the world of national-level track and field high school competitions across the United States. Our coverage will take us to the 2023 Nike Nationals in Eugene, Oregon, where the country’s top athletes will gather to showcase their skills and compete for gold. Stay tuned for an inside look at the thrilling action, outstanding performances, and memorable moments from this prestigious event.

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