June 2022 San Diego State Issue of vaulter Magazine

May has come to an end and many of you have participated in State Championships, NCAA Championships, and Diamond League meets are underway. It must be June! Schools out and the summer pole vault club season is underway. Some will travel to the Nike Outdoor nationals in Eugene, Oregon and others will look for the best meets that they can find all summer long. Do not forget we have a meet at the Vaulter Magazine Facility on July 2, 2022. Hope to see you then.


On the cover we have Rich Fox and his team of female athletes at San Diego State University. This is an all-girls team full of talented ladies that win. “In May, San Diego State University women’s track and field won its fourth Conference Championship Title in five years, and many of those crucial points came from the pole vault pit.”


What a cool little pole vault story by Daniel Bush, “The Coaches’ Kick.” “When I was a kid, I used to watch ol’ Mack’s dad coach, then I’d go home and act it out, pretending and wishing for that magical moment to someday be mine,” he said with honest humility. “When it finally showed up, it was so automatic and organic. It seemed to come from deep down inside. You know, later when I watched the video of that last jump, I saw it for the first time.”

Next month is June and our summer programs and meets will start heating up. Stay tuned. Fun to read and learn from. Thank you!


Matt Barry is back at it with an article about a podcast that has been catching people’s attention. “One of the parents in our club was the person who introduced me to the podcasts which are not just about the pole vault.  In fact, these podcasts enabled one of our elite vaulters to have dinner and discuss life as a student-athlete at a division one school!” Have a read and a listen to these podcasts from around the sport.


Next month is July we get patriotic and tuned up for summer meets. We will see you next month for a hard packed issue of Vaulter Magazine.

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