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Rehabilitation center Bad Haring; 16. 10. 2015: Kira Grünberg has made further progress by the daily therapy sessions and the many independent exercises. Through an increased range of motion of the arms and better controlled movements, it is the former pole vaulter already succeeded even to drive the first meters in the rehabilitation clinic in a wheelchair and this easy to drive with their own arms. This is especially mentally represents a major advance and is generally an important step on the long road back to an independent life. Kira takes already part together with other wheelchair driving on corresponding thereto labs.

Despite intensive therapies and efforts Kira continues to have no control over the fingers and therefore cannot carry out any cross-motions.
Kira: “It can be felt rather little progress at the moment, but that I myself can move a bit my wheelchair, at least, is already a strong drive. To me it would be very important to eat themselves or drink can or simply to wipe my own teeth in the morning. Otherwise, the days are varied and quite stressful, because we very many therapies, treatments and exercises try at the moment and my daily routine is therefore quite filled. ”
The further course of therapy looks on the current state before a stay of Kira Grünberg until approximately March / April 2016 with the length of stay in Bad Häring is dependent on further progress in rehab.
Since last week, the young Austrian, former synchronized swimmer Vanessa Sahinovic has gathered in Bad Haring and is about 2 months stay in Tirol. Kira and Vanessa have already met a few times, get along well and talk to each other courage. The family and the management of Kira are primarily with the mother of Vanessa in contact with it at this level experiences exchanged and common progress and relief for the difficult situation can be found.
Kira: “Vanessa is a totally sweet girl and also very strong and brave. I have always discussed with the parents and my manager Tom that we need to help Vanessa because she and her family have done very difficult at the beginning. It’s really good that we both are now in Bad Haring and can enter force each other. ”

Both athletes will be supported by the action of I believe in you, when committed to well-known Austrian athletes in favor of Kira and Vanessa.!/projectdetail/2846/hilfe-fuer-kira-und-vanessa

The home remodeling the so-called Jedlerhofs in Kematen, is to become the new habitat for Kira Grünberg, continues to be a key issue for the Grünberg family. It has now also the management of Kira Grünberg turned mediator and is now trying to work out a common vision even with the public curator Walter Hauser, Mayor Hausler, the Grünberg and Kira family.

This looks to integrate disabled cubes in front of the listed building. Such a solution would on the one hand allow a handicapped Housing for Kira Grünberg and guarantee on the other hand, the preservation of, otherwise decaying building. On the part of the monument protection was offered full support for this, because the preservation of cultural heritage of the country of Tyrol is a big concern. For this reason has already been pledged by the federal and state financial support to the conditions of preservation can also accomplish financially. Initial discussions are constructive run, so it is quite possible appears difficult issues “accessible housing” and to be able to combine conservation.

Translated from German.
Press release is from Kira's manager Tom. 

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