Knicely Done: Pole Vaulting Grandma

One look at Kay Glynn during warm-ups for a track and field meet and you know she’s a little different than other competitors. Part of Kay’s routine is to walk down the track on her hands.

“Some people have to run for miles to get blood in their head,” she said in an interview with WOWT 6 News. “Not me, I just stand on my head!”

That’s not the only thing that makes the 62-year old from Hastings, Iowa standout. She excels in the high jump, broad jump, sprints and javelin throw.

“My favorite though, is the pole vault,” said the mother of three and grandmother of eight. “My daughter was pole vaulting and said I should try it so I did.”

Her personal best is 10 feet. Kay has honed her skill at her home near Hastings, Iowa where she installed her own pole vaulting pit in the side yard. “I had to drive three hours to practice before that, this is much better.”

Not every track and field meet for seniors includes the pole vault but Kay has plenty of other events to showcase her skills that date back to highschool.

“I actually set a long jump record of 19-2 in high school and that record lasted for thirty years,” she said.

“I’m probably in as good of shape now as I was when I was 32. I’ve gained some muscle with weight training but I’ve also had some injuries.”

Kay in fact had her shoulder repaired, surgery on her hip and a year ago tore an ACL.

But she’s back in good form this summer. At a recent meet in Iowa Kay captured six gold medals.

“Everything seems to be working out now. It’s still early in the season for me so I hope to be even better.”

Knicely Done!

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Kay Glynn

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