Two meets to be held in different locations, serving as auditions for a
high school boy and a high school girl to represent Team LA at the Clovis Street Vault on July
Prospective team members must…
1. Compete and demonstrate their ability to jump well under pressure and in front of large
2. Show a commitment to make the team. (I.E. those competing in both meets may have an edge
in a close decision)
3. Display great sportsmanship and a love for the pole vault.
4. Exhibit enthusiasm and an ability to engage the crowd of 5000 people on the streets of

Four experienced coaches will evaluate and vote on the participants based on how they perform
at the meets and how they handle themselves according to the criteria. Performance mark is a
factor but not the only element important to selection. The team is to be comprised of a boy and
girl representing high school and, an elite man and woman vaulter. The total of their best heights
at the Clovis Street Vault will be LA’s team score. Team selection will be based, not only on
performance, but on chemistry, consistency, and crowd engagement, as well!
Meet #1: June 27th – Murrieta Valley HS, 10:30 a.m. start, 2 pits side-by-side.
Meet #2: July 18th – Newport Harbor HS, 1:00 p.m. start, 2 pits side-by-side.
Remember these are START TIMES for both meets. Please be there at least an hour ahead for warmups.
Anyone can come and compete at either or both meets regardless of age or level. Enjoy and perform.

Cost: $10.00 – entry fees will help finance LA team uniforms and crowd swag to be thrown
out at the Clovis Street Vault.

Proceeds will also cover the USATF sanction fee for these “audition meets”. Each participant will receive a pole vault sticker, and there will be additional prizes for top three finishes.

Please fill out a waiver and medical release, supplied for each of the specific venues.
(Parents must sign for minors in the spaces provided)

All locations are set for great performances according to time and wind direction.

For more info please call (818) 261 0740 or email at
and look for waiver and medical release are available at


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