Last Call for pole Vaulting Images for our 2014 Calendar!


They are filling rather quickly, but we still have openings for both ACTIVE ♀ and ♂ pole vaulters in all categories. Masters, Past Vaulters, Elite, College, High School, Camps and Clubs.

List of how many slots are left.
Girls High School 3
Boys High School 4
Ladies College 1
Men College 1
Ladies Elite 0
Men Elite 2
Masters 9
Camps and Clubs 9 (most do not fit the 12 x 12 perimeter)

Submit your entry here and join the fun!

Some images are outstanding, but when we turn them black and white they look only like a dull silhouette, and others are so vertical that they cannot be cropped down to 12″ x 12″.

To beat that, we have so many entries that we cannot write everyone back with the errors, so I hope you can forgive us!

Vaulter Magazine is running a calendar contest! Submit your best pole-vaulting image here →

 High School October 2014
High School October 2014

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