Ledaki: “Response to the Turk”

The mission of this organization was twofold. First to win the gold, secondly to achieve a performance, better than the 4.60 meters. With respect to the first half, he did great.

Stella – Iro Ledaki won the gold medal in the pole vault and showed very good shape ahead of the sequel: “I told myself that I would do long enough to win the gold medal.

I wanted it for my coach, and already had a medal in the event with Marianna (ss Zachariadi) since 2009 and I wanted to earn him the gold.

Also tsatistika so much the behavior of the Turkish athlete, I wanted to give you an answer on the pitch, “said Ledaki speaking at the official website of the federation.

The Chaniotissa athlete, having secured the first position placed the bar at 4.61 meters … “I want to do the high threshold for Moscow, I put the bar at 4.61 m and 4.60 m rather than because I wanted first to make a performance better than the limit and not as the limit,” said the athlete already has a low threshold for that event.

“For me, what matters from here is stability. I know I can get on the 4.60 m, I could have done it yesterday, as the third jump in essence I lost in the details, “he said.

Regarding the experience of the first participation in the Mediterranean Games said: “When you have taken part in the Olympics, then everything else you seem somewhat … smaller. There are some practical difficulties.

Our doctor has recommended avoiding many foods, while during the race, the Turks seem to be lacking in knowledge. “Ledaki This will make the next race in the Universiade (07-12/07) in Kazan.



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