Lewis vaults way into BV Hall of Fame

MASON CITY — Before taking over the Mason City volleyball program, Randy Lewis was a standout pole vaulter.

Saturday, Lewis was inducted into the Buena Vista University sports Hall of Fame for his accomplishments.

Lewis, who found out about the prestigious honor in April, was a six-time national qualifier with four top 12-finishes and a two-time all-American for the Beavers, graduating in 1990.

“I was a little surprised but I’m proud that they wanted to honor me,” Lewis said. “You think it’s a great honor until you walk into that room that shows pictures of everyone in the Hall of Fame. Once you start looking around at the number of people in there, who’s in there, and then knowing that myself will be included, an honor is not even stating what it is.

“It’s just a fantastic thing to know that you’re going to be one of those elite people that went to that college.”

Lewis added that he couldn’t have accomplished what he did without tremendous coaches.

“I have so many great memories,” Lewis said. “I had great coaches all the way through.”

Lewis graduated from high school in 1986, three years before the pole vault was eliminated from high school competition in the state of Iowa.

“It’s a great sport that a lot of people think is dangerous,” Lewis said. “My response to them is anything can be dangerous if you allow it to be.

“Pole vaulting is one of those experiences that’s hard to explain. You get thrown into the air and fall down to the ground, hoping to hit the soft stuff (the landing pad) and not the hard (the ground). You can’t just go outside, grab a pole and do it anymore.”



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