NEW BRITAIN — Windham sophomore Joe Fogarasi is as tough on poles as some athletes are on shoes.

The school’s athletic department went out and purchased a new pole recently as Fogarasi approached the 15-foot mark in the pole vault.

On Monday, he cleared it.

Guess what? The 15-foot pole the school purchased isn’t good enough any more.

“We’re going to have to borrow one for him,” Windham coach Randall Prose said with a laugh.

Fogarasi will be back in action on Saturday at the New England Championship meet at Willowbrook Park in New Britain and will be trying to better the mark he set on Monday, finishing in a tie for second at 15-feet.

He went for more, but missed his three attempts at 15-feet, 6-inches. In his last, Fogarasi literally found himself stuck on the bar before he and it crashed down to the landing pad below.

“It was weird. I didn’t expect that, but I was going for it as hard as I could,” Fogarasi said.

The sophomore has only been at the pole vault game for a little over a year and his goal coming into the season was 13-feet. He cleared that and then some at the Class M state championship, going over the bar at 14-feet-3-inches. At the State Open, he cleared 15-feet in his first attempt.

“I’m looking forward to New Englands, trying to get higher, because I think I have it in me,” Fogarasi said.

But does the pole?

He immediately answered “yes” when asked if he needs a new pole to climb to bigger heights.

“It needs to be stiffer, because (working with the pole he currently has) is really hard, especially at practice where there isn’t that adrenaline — you need that pole in the meet,” Fogarasi said. “That was the problem (Monday), I didn’t have the right pole. I probably would have tried it.”

It may not seem like much, going just six inches higher, but Fogarasi said, standing on the runway Monday as the height was raised, he just had to shake his head.

“It looks a lore more than six inches,” Fogarasi said. “It feels like you have to do so much more to get six more inches, it’s really hard to do.”

Fogarasi Vaulter Magazine
Fogarasi Vaulter Magazine

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