Lookout wanted more than ‘just running’

When Christina Zagarodny Lookout was an eighth-grader in track, she was getting bored with “just running.”

Sprints, she recalled, were just fine but something inside was beckoning for more.

One day, her coach announced the Broken Arrow athletes “could try something different” for that one practice.

Lookout literally sprinted to the pole vault pit at South Intermediate High School.

“I had been watching those people do that (pole vault) and I thought it was pretty neat,” Lookout said, grinning. “I tried it.”

It could be said Lookout took her game to new heights and she capped her Broken Arrow High School career with the Class 6A championship.

“I loved it the first time I tried it,” she said, giggling. “I stayed there and let the other girls do the running.”

BAHS pole vault coach George Normandin admired Lookout’s desire.

“Christina fell in love with vaulting from the start,” Normandin said. “She’s not very big, maybe a 110 pounds soaking wet, but Christina has worked so hard to get this far.”

Whatever goes up, must come down sometimes. When Lookout was a ninth-grader, she didn’t get the proper bend on the pole during a practice run. She didn’t have enough strength to get her body over the mat.’

“All of a sudden,” she said, her eyes bugging out, “I started going backward.”

Lookout crash landed on the asphalt runway, shattering her left wrist. The ensuing surgery required pins and Lookout was faced with a lengthy recovery, that pretty much limited her competition as a sophomore in 2011.

She admitted having second thoughts about returning to event. Those fears were dispelled when she met Dillon Lookout, a senior vaulter for Jenks High School. It was Dillon Lookout who inspired the Lady Tigers not to give up.

“Because of Dillon, I started working out and lifting like had never done before,” she said.

They developed more than a common bond in pole vault and they were married July 28, 2012. Even after the vows, Dillon was relentless in getting her primed for her senior season.

“We trained about every day, even when it was cold and snowing,” she said, smiling. “Dillon pushed me and somedays I didn’t like it.”

For Christina, there was gold at the end of rainbow on May 11, 2013, when she won the pole vault at Yukon High School.

Her first phone call was to Dillon, who was vaulting for Oral Roberts University at the Southland Conference meet.

“He was so excited,” she said. “He always been my biggest supporter.”


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