Lorain Sports Hall of Fame: Chris Cowie was a track sensation at Lorain High

Usually, twin brothers are competitive with each other.

For twins Chris and Craig Cowie competing in track and field at Lorain High during the 1960s, all they ever did was support each other.

“We weren’t competitive with each other at all,” Craig said. “We supported each other and it worked out well.”

Chris will be inducted into the 50th Lorain Sports Hall of Fame on May 11 at German Villa’s.

Hall of Fame sportswriter Paul Baumgartner coined the phrase “Wowie, Wowie, there goes Cowie!”

For good reason.

Beginning in their junior year, the twins competed in the pole vault and high jump and were swapping records back and forth.

In 1968, during their senior seasons, they put on a show everywhere they went. But the most memorable time was the Sandusky Relays. Craig set a Lorain County and Sandusky Relays record with a high jump of 6 feet, 4.75 inches.

He was then edged by Chris, who jumped 6-5. Chris also set the Lorain High pole vault record (13-0). Chris earned MVP of the meet.

His high jump record has since been tied but never broken and his overall pole vault record (13-6) has never been broken.

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