Louisiana hosts November Pole Vault Clinic

November 23 – 25, 2012

Join us as we Reach New Heights with our brand new pole vault facility! Get ready for Indoor Season as you train in our new facility that includes two indoor pits with mondo runways, an outdoor pit with a mondo runway, an assortment of gymnastics equipment, a vault machine, a rope, hurdles, and various weights and lifting equipment!

New Heights Gym is hosting a pole vaulting clinic with guest collegiate coaches Petros Kyprianou from UGA, Scott
Richardson from Auburn, Ken Taylor from University of North Florida, and New Heights Gym track coach Shane LeLeux.

With indoor season starting, this will be a great opportunity to not only jump indoors, but also introduce correct vaulting techniques and gymnastics to the vaulters. The clinic will discuss technique, vault drills, strength, and flexibility, and how to match the correct run, pole, and grip height to each vaulter’s ability. The cost for the clinic is $200/person. All vaulters must have current USATF membership. The Registration Deadline is November 16. It is suggested to bring about $60 for food, drinks, and snacks. Competition Only is $40.

For more information, contact Shane LeLeux at 337-359-7314 or 337-365-3806.


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