Baton Rouge, LA – LSU pole vaulting sophomore, Andreas Duplantis, is taking his family legacy to an all new height.

Andreas’ father, Greg Duplantis, pole vaulted and competed for LSU in the late 80’s before turning professional. Growing up, pole vaulting came second nature to Duplantis.

“Our first pole vault pit was a trampoline,” Duplantis says. “We would pole vault onto that, and then we had a fishing net filled with foam. So my dad always had an environment for pole vaulting regardless if we thought about doing that. We were just doing it in the backyard for fun.”

After realizing that with his dual citizenship he could compete for Team Sweden, Duplantis had the amazing opportunity to compete for the country in his freshman year of high school.

“In Sweden they just took the top two in the country, which I was at that age,” Duplantis says. “So Sweden was like we’ll take you, and USA said I would have to go and jump and make certain levels.”

Duplantis and the rest of the LSU track and field team just began their 2013 outdoor track season. Duplantis hopes to continue soaring high and setting new records.

From: http://manshipdigital.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/lsu-pole-vaulting-sophomore-andreas-duplantis-carries-on-family-legacy/

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