Weltklasse organisers arranged for Olympic pole vault silver medallist Sandi Morris and two-time Diamond League 200m champion Noah Lyles to team up with Swiss band Baba Shrimps to record a track ahead of the IAAF Diamond League finals in two months’ time.

The song, entitled ‘Souvenir’, is based around the idea of cherishing memories like valuable keepsakes.

“It’s about something you experience both in sports and in music,” said Baba Shrimps lead singer Adrian Kübler. “You invest an enormous amount of time into preparing. And then, sometimes you don’t succeed, sometimes you don’t come in first. That’s when it is really important to call to mind those good moments.

“You always have to try and draw on the positive energy they still give you,” he adds. “You have to recall why you are doing it all in the first place. And that it is all about living the passion of getting a bit closer to your dream.”

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