Three weeks ago, the State Track Meets marked the end of an era for many-a-senior athlete around South Dakota.
But for one Sturgis Scooper, the race to a state title didn’t want for drama.

Day One of the 2015 South Dakota State Track Meet didn’t get off to the best of starts for the state’s top athletes.

Klara says, ‘Usually, at the state track meet, it’s sunny and nice. And got here, and it was kind of a downer to see that the weather was not-so-great.’

Sturgis Scooper Klara Lyon came into the Pole Vault as the defendingchampion, eager to close out her high school career on a *high* note, but for as gloomy as the weather was that day… Lyon’s performances leading into the event weren’t much better.

Klara says, ‘The last few meets I was trying to get stuff down and some of it wasn’t working. Just kind of a mental barrier with myself.’

Nipping at Lyon’s heels was an eager upstart who’d finished 3rd at last year’s meet… Mitchell junior Tevyn Waddell.

Klara says, ‘She’s a great vaulter. I knew that she was going to come in packing some heat. So, I needed to mentally prepare myself for that and physically prepare myself for that.’

With the rest of the field falling by the wayside, Waddell and Lyon began their dual, and Klara’s earlier struggles surfaced as Waddell took the lead against the defending champion.

Klara says, ‘I’d known that she’d been clean throughout the whole competition and I’d missed a height… at a certain height, and another one. And I knew that I was sitting second at that point.’

Lyon turned the tide, clearing 11-feet-9-inches and watched as Waddell fell short at the height. From there, the two-time champwould take the vaulting version of a victory lap, in front of her home crowd.

Klara says, ‘The home crowd doing the clap as I was running down the runway was a lot of fun.’

The crown hers once more, Klara fell into the arms of Vaults Coach Kristi Cammack, closing the book on a long and glorious high school career.

Klara says, ‘Knowing that she saw, my freshman year, that I wanted this and I was willing to go out and get it… my voice is cracking… That I wanted to go out and get this. And that I wanted to be there, and wanted to break the record and do all this. Just knowing that we had gotten there was a lot of fun.’


Klara Lyon

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