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The last month for the pole-vault world has been crazy! National Records being broken, vaulters making history! 2015 was said to be the year of pole vault, but whoever said that spoke too soon! There have already been massive jumps and it’s only indoor season. This month we have articles on several different vaulters who have grabbed everyone’s attention.

First we have 16-year-old, Mondo Duplantis. Growing up surrounded by pole vault, Mondo took to the sport naturally and has been known ever since he broke his first age-group record at age seven. We all saw the videos or heard about his recent 18’0 jump as a high school sophomore, and we all were amazed. It is amazing to think that someone that young is jumping elite-level bars. We will be seeing even bigger jumps from him in the future!

Lexi Weeks is another vaulter who has recently made history. This Razorback freshman broke the NCAA Freshman Collegiate Record by jumping 15’1. Just 19 years old, Lexi is at the top of the leaderboard in the NCAA. Lexi had set her goal early in the preseason wanting to clear the 15-foot mark, but never imagined to meet that goal at her fourth college meet. We have not seen the end of this freshman. She still has outdoor season and three more years after that!

We also have the next article in Michael Soule’s series. This month, as he writes to the people who want to get back into pole vaulting, he tells those how to find a facility to train. He also explains how to lift and train effectively, and in a way that will help you improve and not hurt you. It is important that we listen to our bodies and know where our limits are. The last thing we want to do is train too hard and not be able to compete. In this article, Michael explains how to know where our limits are. Also, finding a facility to train can be challenging, but having trouble finding one is not a reason to be discouraged. Michael knows how to look for places to train, and in this article, he teaches you how to do it too. Another great article encouraging those to get back into pole vaulting—check it out!

Next we have Jenn Suhr. Everyone knows this vaulter. This American record holder is making more history. January 30th, Jenn broke her own Indoor World Record. Jenn is now the leading vaulter in the world thus far. It is only early in the 2016 season, and big bars have already been made! Training hard at drills and vault practices, Jenn is not done and will be making more big bars this year. She is so close to breaking the world record, and she has everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the day that she does!

Last but not least, we have Demi Payne. Where do we begin with this amazing vaulter? She amazed the pole-vault world with her incredible comeback after having her daughter, Charlee. Then she had an unbelievable 2015 season. Now she started the 2016 season even faster and stronger, and on February 6, she vaulted into a whole new level of pole vault: the 16 Foot Club. She is one of six women to ever clear the 16-foot mark. But she didn’t stop at 16’0 (4.88). No, she has her sights set on 5 meters. So ‘see ya’ 4.88, she’s now onto 4.90 (16’0.75) and by the time you all are reading this, probably into the 5 meters! This vaulter is moving on up so fast, that the media can’t even keep up with her. By the time one article is published, it’s already old news because she cleared a higher bar. Don’t get in this vaulter’s way because this girl is determined!

It is amazing to think how far women’s pole vault has come. It is amazing to think how far high school pole vault has come. This year we could see the first women over 17 feet and the youngest pole vaulter in the Olympics. These vaulters are only a few who are pushing the barrier. The Olympic Trials this year will be incredible and full of outstanding vaulters. Imagine what bars will be cleared between now and the Trials. But until next month, continue to tear it up and get closer to achieving your goals.



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