March 2023 Katie Moon Issue of Vaulter Magazine on Sale Now.

March 2023 Katie Moon Issue of Vaulter Magazine

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As March dawns upon us, it’s hard to believe that we’re already a quarter into the year 2023. With the indoor season drawing to a close for the professionals and the college athletes, many high school pole vaulters are gearing up for competitions throughout the month.
In this edition, we proudly feature Katie Moon, an Olympic Gold Medalist and World Medalist, on our cover. It’s evident that Katie is on a mission to break the all-time outdoor record, solidifying her position as the reigning Queen of Pole Vault.

We look forward to witnessing the impressive feats that Katie and other pole vaulters will accomplish this season.
Katie Moon, an accomplished pole vaulter whose story is nothing short of inspiring. In her own words, she credits her coach Brad Walker as her biggest influence and a pivotal figure in her journey to success.

Reflecting on her experience working with Walker, Katie states, “I looked up to him when he was a vaulter, and working with him has changed me for the better in every way – mentally, physically, technically, etc. When I started working with him, I was terrified to pole vault, and my technique would never have allowed me to jump higher than 4.60. There would be no medals to my name without him.”

It’s evident that the guidance and mentorship of her coach has played a critical role in shaping Katie’s trajectory in the world of pole vaulting. Her story serves as a testament to the importance of having a strong support system and the impact that a dedicated coach can have on an athlete’s success.
Abbey has returned with another insightful article, this time exploring the concept of the calm before the storm in pole vaulting.

As pole vaulters gear up for upcoming competitions and strive to reach new heights, Abbey delves into the importance of maintaining a sense of tranquility and focus in the face of potential challenges. Her thoughtful analysis sheds light on the mental fortitude required to excel in this demanding sport.
We look forward to Abbey’s continued contributions to our publication, providing valuable insights and reflections on the world of pole vaulting.
We are thrilled to have Matt Barry, our esteemed writer, back with us as he shares his insights on the upcoming Pole Vault High School Nationals in the United States. As the event draws near, Matt highlights the intense financial competition between Nike, Adidas, and New Balance, as they vie for the rights to host a true indoor national championships.

However, there is a catch. The three indoor national meets are all scheduled to take place on the east coast, posing a conundrum for athletes hailing from states such as Washington, Texas, California, Louisiana, Alabama, or Colorado. Will they make the journey across the country to participate in the competition, or will it result in yet another “east coast” nationals, albeit held at three different locations?

Matt’s thoughtful analysis sheds light on the complex dynamics at play in the world of pole vaulting, offering valuable insights into the challenges faced by athletes as they navigate the landscape of high school pole vaulting in the United States.

We are delighted to feature “March Hare” by Daniel C. Bush, a captivating story that delves into the experiences of a young athlete and his journey through the world of coaching.

Readers are sure to be captivated by the twists and turns of this engrossing tale, as well as the relatable themes of perseverance and determination that lie at its core. We are thrilled to showcase such a well-crafted and engaging piece of writing in our publication.
We are excited to announce that next month’s cover will feature the Texas Express Pole Vault Club, a dynamic and talented group of athletes and coaches hailing from the great state of Texas.

Stay tuned for more details and insights on this remarkable group of pole-vaulting enthusiasts. It’s sure to be an exciting and informative feature that readers won’t want to miss!


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Pole Vault news, “men's pole vault – IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 2018 ” On a week where nothing seemed certain, where no favourite seemed impervious to the pressure of a major championship final, Sweden’s Armand ‘Mondo’ Duplantis was ice cool, dispatching his rivals to take Sweden’s first ever men’s pole vault gold with the minimum of fuss.(2018). (

“women’s pole vault – IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 2018 ” (Amalie Svabikova produced the finest series in her of her life to dominate the pole vault and nab the first medal at these Championships for the Czech Republic. (2018). Retrieved from (

On the cover, Utah Pole Vault Academy. We talk with Kody Pierce about his club, starting it up after seeing his mentor Dean Starkey run his club and his love for the sport. Building his facility in Riverton, Utah, Kody has caught the eye of many around the area and has coached some of the best. "Motivated by what he had seen at Dean Starkey’s club, Kody decided the best thing to do for his vaulters would be to establish a club, and in 2015 he built a facility to train his athletes in year round." Check it out and see what it takes to get your club off the ground and ready to go in your hometown, just like Kody. Samantha knocks it out of the park and gives the ready and interesting perspective into this club.

Kreager Taber kettlebell training and the help that it provides when transitioning from bells over to weights. "Instead of gradually increasing weight and easing themselves back into the weight room after a relaxing summer, many athletes strive to lift the same weights that they hit at the end of the spring season." We love using kettlebells to train and use them as often as we can with our pole vaulters. Kreager has an eye for writing articles about the sport we love and what it takes to get stronger, faster, and mentally strong.

Check us out next month when we look into the world of the USATF Junior Olympics and what it takes to get involved and if you even should. Stay tuned, this will get interesting.

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