Phoenix, Arizona –Although Marcos de Niza offers an extensive list of extracurricular activities and sports, it is impossible to include every interest students have. That being said, students often must search elsewhere in order to find that specific activity or sport they are interested in.Although her talent is known state-wide, many students don’t know what senior Savannah Whitehead is capable of.

She currently holds the school record and has the title of second in state in women’s pole vaulting.Whitehead first started pole vaulting her freshman year after being inspired by movies and sport highlights she saw on television. She had had no prior experience in the sport, but her gymnastics background gave her an advantage. She decided to join the Marcos track and field team to experience the sport herself.

After learning the proper formation and technique, Whitehead started improving immediately and eventually joined the Arizona Pole Vaulting Academy.“I love it there,” said Whitehead. “All my coaches are former pole vaulting champions so they’re great at giving advice and offering new opportunities.”Whitehead is currently on a club team and plans on joining the school track and field team again in the spring for pole vaulting. With a personal record of 11.6 feet, she hopes to beat that record this year and win first place at the state competition. Whitehead has already received many scholarship opportunities for pole vaulting including Columbia, Lipscomb and the United States Naval Academy.

She plans on joining a college pole vaulting team when she graduates and hopes to start training for the Olympics.“I hope on making it to the 2016 or 2020 Olympics,” said Whitehead. “It will be a lot of conditioning and practice, but practice makes perfect.


Pole Vaulting
Pole Vaulting

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