Martina Strutz falls from broken foot for WM

Martina Strutz (SC Neubrandenburg) must finish the season. In the vice-world champion in the pole vault a broken right metatarsus was observed. Thus, the dream of a new world championship medal bursting at the championships in Moscow (Russia, 10th to August 18th).

She felt liberated just like that. After completion of training to the police champion, after relocation and change of coach Martina Strutz (SC Neubrandenburg) was just back in full possession of her powers. “Since then drops a huge load off of me,” the 31-year-old cheered even after winning the German championship title in Ulm about two weeks ago. 4.65 meters she had skipped in Ulm – which is currently tenth in the world.

And now this: When training camp in Kienbaum the EM Second buckled on Wednesday while warming up to unhappy. “I was just blacked out,” the Pole Vault recalls. They cooled the foot, but then trained on. “Will not even be so bad, I thought.” But when the pain was getting worse, but she went to the emergency hospital in Berlin.

Do not move, otherwise there OP

The doctors’ diagnosis: fracture in the right midfoot. Smashing. “I told the doctor then suggested that I put it in three weeks if the foot is healed somewhat, but could try again with the pole vault.” Said Strutz “Wait and sit around that is not my nature.” An idea that is not the doctors found good. The risk that then breaks and more surgery but is still needed is too large.

Six weeks off instead the doctors prescribe. A start in the World Cup, for which Martina Strutz already from German Athletics Federation (DLV) was nominated, is excluded. “Total bitter”, which is the 4.80-meter jumper naturally. “I was actually pretty good at it.”

In six weeks rehab

The foot should heal now. “Everything else makes no sense,” Martina Strutz has now also seen, for each occurrence hurts. “I can only go with Gehschuh and on crutches.”

In six weeks Martina Strutz hopes that they can begin the rehab then, then in the fall to fully start up training again. Because next year it will go up again. “It is not the first setback for me. I’ll be back, that’s for sure. ”


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