After a few weeks back at it training in South Bend I finally am back in Boston for good!  It feels great to be in such an awesome city and beginning a new chapter in my training here at MIT.  Boston has so much to offer, is a beautiful clean city, but isn’t overwhelming …

I really think I am going to love it here!  I got in a solid week and a half of training here in my new city before breaking for Christmas break and I couldn’t feel better about where I am at .   My coach Danny has been here the last 1.5 weeks, along with new training partner Shade Weygandt who flew in from Texas for a week to begin training with us as well!  She has to finish school this year, however she plans to come train whenever she can break away.

I am so excited tohave a training partner who is so talented!  We also like doing our nails & other non vault related activities together which is very important haha.  Anyways, the last week was full of some frustrating moments for me, as is often the case in the land of pole vault.  I vaulted 5 out of 9 days (every other day) and worked on a lot of different things both at take-off and in the air.  Sunday I got so frustrated I didn’t know what to do, what to think about first second or third, and felt overwhelmed.  As a result, Monday morning Danny, Shade and I had a day of school where we sat down for 3 hours and started from square one going over each part of the vault.

It began with stick figures and slowly progressed to watching videos of ourselves and other elite vaulters.  It was a long session, but by the end I felt completely refreshed and like I had a new understanding of what I was supposed to be doing.  Sometimes I think it’s good to just take a deep breath, rewind to the beginning, and go over all the basics!  Last night we vaulted for the last time before Christmas break and things went amazing!  Everything just clicked, finally, and I felt on cruise control.  It was really a great end to this week and a half.

That being said I am super excited for Christmas because 1. my legs need a serious break for a few days after all the hard training and 2. MOST IMPORTANTLY I love the holidays and cannot wait to be home in Buffalo to spend it with my fiance, family, and closest friends!  ”Mary” Christmas everyone and I’ll keep you posted on training after the holidays!


Mary Saxer
Mary Saxer

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