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Last month we started seeing the effect of this nasty virus that has crippled the sport that we love. The continuation of shutdowns, postponements, and more have continued. We will get through this, and we will be back in the air doing what we love the most. Hopefully, we will learn from this experience and keep this knowledge to share for many generations to come.

This month Samantha has taken charge and asked some of the tough questions that we all have heard throughout the pandemic. She took the time to go on social media and ask the pole vault community how this virus has impacted them the most. A heartfelt story that gets straight to the point and brings the seriousness of this situation front and center. Thank you, Sam, job well done.

Ohio, Texas, California, and other states master’s Vaulters are doing their best to stay busy and gain access to the sport they love. John Clark asked many of the master’s athletes about the setbacks that they have encountered and how they overcame them. Thank you, john, job well done.

Kreager Taber is trying to help her readers find balance after the 2020 Olympic Postponement. This was not an easy task, and she hits the subject and covers the Olympic angle of the sport. Great read and wonderful opportunity to catch up on the latest news about the future of the sport and the Olympics. Good Job.

The month of June will bring more ease to this situation and a bit of normalcy to the country and our sport. We hope that you stay safe and that you get your chance to pick that pole up and jump again.

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