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Editor’s Note: Nurturing Excellence in Pole Vaulting

In this edition, we explore the vibrant world of pole vaulting, particularly focusing on the distinguished program at the University of Kansas (KU). Doug Bouma takes us on a comprehensive journey, unveiling the rich tapestry of history, talent, and camaraderie that defines this exhilarating discipline.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Pole Vaulting at Kansas University: A Comprehensive Insight by Doug Bouma delves into the intricate workings of KU’s pole vaulting program. From the foundational elements embodied by the university’s emblematic mascot, the Jayhawk, to the coaching legacy of stalwart Tom Hays, Bouma paints a vivid picture of excellence and dedication. The program’s commitment to unity, recruitment standards, and state-of-the-art equipment further solidifies its position among the nation’s elite.

Draining Lactic Acid: Effective Strategies for Pole Vaulters sheds light on a common challenge faced by pole vaulters – lactic acid build-up. Bouma presents practical techniques, from low-intensity exercise to massage therapy, offering invaluable insights to enhance recovery and performance.

In Hydration and the Sport of Pole Vault, Bouma underscores the critical importance of hydration for pole vaulters’ strength, endurance, and overall well-being. By emphasizing the detrimental effects of dehydration and providing actionable hydration guidelines, this article serves as a vital resource for athletes striving for peak performance.

As we navigate the realms of athleticism, recovery, and optimal performance, our meticulous exploration offers a compelling narrative of dedication, resilience, and triumph. Whether scaling new heights on the track or nurturing camaraderie off it, KU’s pole vaulting program exemplifies a legacy of excellence that continues to inspire.

Catch us next month when we delve into a university outside of the United States.

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January 2021 is finally here, and we are kicking it off by going to the 2021 EXPO Explosion in Belton, Texas. What a great way to start the year with six individual pole vault pits for the athletes to jump their hearts out. So many are thankful that the event is still going on after the Covid-19 year of 2020. This will be the largest indoor event of 2021 and will not disappoint. This event will be live-streamed via Vaulter Magazine and people from around the world will watch the event live. This is the first time that this event and other events like this have streamed live in the U.S. throughout a full day. Here is hoping for a great year of pole vault and much-needed freedom to vault.

On the cover of the magazine, we have a picture of Jenn Suhr taken by Crash Kamon. We want to continue our showcase of photographers that have an eye for the sport of pole vault and work tirelessly to bring the best images to life. “Dupont enjoys the challenge of a meet in which there is always something exciting going on.” This article is worth the read with experiences on and off the field. You will all enjoy this article from one of the top-notch photographers around the world.

Olympic coverage is far and few between and understanding how it will affect each of you is what Kreager has in mind. “Additionally, as vaccines for COVID-19 have become available, the IOC has encouraged the athletes who will be competing in next summer’s Games to get vaccinated.” Did you read what they stated about the Russian ban? Have a read and you will read the updated news.

February 2021 is coming quickly, and hopefully, we will start getting some word on what the pole vault event will start looking like for the high school and college levels. All we can do now is hope that the people in the positions of authority will make the right choice and open up our sport. The kids need to be active and given a chance to vault. Stay tuned and we will bring you more details on these decisions.

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