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Editor’s Note: Nurturing Excellence in Pole Vaulting

In this edition, we explore the vibrant world of pole vaulting, particularly focusing on the distinguished program at the University of Kansas (KU). Doug Bouma takes us on a comprehensive journey, unveiling the rich tapestry of history, talent, and camaraderie that defines this exhilarating discipline.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Pole Vaulting at Kansas University: A Comprehensive Insight by Doug Bouma delves into the intricate workings of KU’s pole vaulting program. From the foundational elements embodied by the university’s emblematic mascot, the Jayhawk, to the coaching legacy of stalwart Tom Hays, Bouma paints a vivid picture of excellence and dedication. The program’s commitment to unity, recruitment standards, and state-of-the-art equipment further solidifies its position among the nation’s elite.

Draining Lactic Acid: Effective Strategies for Pole Vaulters sheds light on a common challenge faced by pole vaulters – lactic acid build-up. Bouma presents practical techniques, from low-intensity exercise to massage therapy, offering invaluable insights to enhance recovery and performance.

In Hydration and the Sport of Pole Vault, Bouma underscores the critical importance of hydration for pole vaulters’ strength, endurance, and overall well-being. By emphasizing the detrimental effects of dehydration and providing actionable hydration guidelines, this article serves as a vital resource for athletes striving for peak performance.

As we navigate the realms of athleticism, recovery, and optimal performance, our meticulous exploration offers a compelling narrative of dedication, resilience, and triumph. Whether scaling new heights on the track or nurturing camaraderie off it, KU’s pole vaulting program exemplifies a legacy of excellence that continues to inspire.

Catch us next month when we delve into a university outside of the United States.

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July is here and the summer camp, street vaults, river vaults, and track meets are well underway. Time to refresh and get ready for the upcoming year and wind down from the season prior. A way to re-charge your batteries and reflect on the changes that you need to make or the enhancements that to an already well-oiled machine. Now is the time, don’t take our word for it, go out and see for yourself what the difference will make. Head over to our website and check out some of the camps listed on our, “Camp Directory”.

Vaulter Magazine will take the next 12 months and highlight the Olympic Journey of the past and present for many of the athletes that will attempt to make it into the 2020 Olympics. Only three will compete for each gender and attempt to earn that sacred medal. Kreager Taber writes about the alterations to the IAAF Olympic Qualifying Standards and oh what a read it is. See for yourself and get the information that you don’t get anywhere else.

On the cover, we have KMR Athletics coach Brian Riggs talking to Samantha about how he started a pole vaulting club, his family and the reasons for coaching the way that he does. “Coach Bob Jenkins and Coach Calvin Hudgins provided the motivation and recourses for us to get KMR Athletics off the ground,” says Brian. A fun read and when you take a moment to do so, you will learn a few things that even we didn’t know.

National Senior Games in Albuquerque will bring our, “Masters Vaulter of the Year”, to our pages once again. We tend to have a soft side for pole vault history and old timers that get up off the couch and pole vault. “Right off the bat, I met Flo Meiler, the oldest female pole vaulter in the world at age 85, who graciously posed for a photo with me, before going out and setting a world record, then bettering that new mark five more times.” John speaks from the heart and has a great time doing so. Good job!

Mike Soule and his G-Force Pole Vault Club will be a guest article for this issue. Bill Peyton writes about Mike and his High School and Club achievements. There is passion in this story and the effort that Mike puts into his program and the athletes around him. Great read!

August issue and September will both highlight two more influential coaches around the Nation and the sport of pole vault. Stay tuned and we will be back for the August issue before you know it.

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