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Editor’s Note: Nurturing Excellence in Pole Vaulting

In this edition, we explore the vibrant world of pole vaulting, particularly focusing on the distinguished program at the University of Kansas (KU). Doug Bouma takes us on a comprehensive journey, unveiling the rich tapestry of history, talent, and camaraderie that defines this exhilarating discipline.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Pole Vaulting at Kansas University: A Comprehensive Insight by Doug Bouma delves into the intricate workings of KU’s pole vaulting program. From the foundational elements embodied by the university’s emblematic mascot, the Jayhawk, to the coaching legacy of stalwart Tom Hays, Bouma paints a vivid picture of excellence and dedication. The program’s commitment to unity, recruitment standards, and state-of-the-art equipment further solidifies its position among the nation’s elite.

Draining Lactic Acid: Effective Strategies for Pole Vaulters sheds light on a common challenge faced by pole vaulters – lactic acid build-up. Bouma presents practical techniques, from low-intensity exercise to massage therapy, offering invaluable insights to enhance recovery and performance.

In Hydration and the Sport of Pole Vault, Bouma underscores the critical importance of hydration for pole vaulters’ strength, endurance, and overall well-being. By emphasizing the detrimental effects of dehydration and providing actionable hydration guidelines, this article serves as a vital resource for athletes striving for peak performance.

As we navigate the realms of athleticism, recovery, and optimal performance, our meticulous exploration offers a compelling narrative of dedication, resilience, and triumph. Whether scaling new heights on the track or nurturing camaraderie off it, KU’s pole vaulting program exemplifies a legacy of excellence that continues to inspire.

Catch us next month when we delve into a university outside of the United States.

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We’re at a crossroads with the sport of pole vaulting where our civil liberties and freedoms are being impacted every day. As we sit by in California and watch NBA games, MLB games, and other large riots and protests, we are still being told that our children cannot hold a competition and pole vault.

Although we have not heard of anyone getting COVID-19 personally or any death from it around us, we are seeing more of our children on drugs, alcohol, impacted with depression, and the list goes on. I am concerned with a couple of track and field events stating that they will not have pole vault, that eventually the sport will be lost. We feel that eventually, they will decide that the sport is not worth the effort in larger meets.

Sarah writes this month about Sophie Cook and she’s cooking up a comeback for 2021. “Cook, a British pole vaulter from Longborough, United Kingdom, made a strong entrance onto the professional scene by winning the British Championships title in February 2020 with a personal-best height of 4.50m. Her journey to reach this level has been a long and arduous one, yet her determination continues to keep her working hard no matter the circumstances.”

John is with Helen Croskell World champion Masters vaulter. “I look at some of the older athletes, and I think, ‘These people are amazing.’ At their age, it would be so easy to just say, ‘OK, I’m done with activity – I’m just going to play shuffleboard or something.’ Instead, they’re out there running and jumping, and I find that kind of attitude amazing, and something I want to surround myself with for the rest of my life … and hopefully be that person when I’m 80.”

Back at it again, we have Taber writing about USATF and their COVID-19 changes and the impact it will have going into 2021. “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact athletes’ journeys to the Olympic Games, many vaulters have begun to compete often and find inspiration in the hope of competing with the world’s best in Tokyo.”

Next month we have Megan Clark and a young lady that is working to achieve all of her pole vaulting goals. Visited and helped out club multiple times and we always enjoy catching up with Megan.

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