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Hello, Everyone! This month we have quite a bit of stuff for you!
Who is stuck on a waiting list? It’s frustrating, but don’t be discourage because you still could be accepted. Penny Hanson gives you all the information you need to know when you are wait listed. She gives you a list of what to do and what not do to in order for you to be accepted. Check out her article, she has some great things to say!
We have a guest writer this month, Kyle Cochrun. Kyle is a student athlete at the University of Akron and had the chance to catch up with the NCAA Indoor Pole Vault Champion, Shawn Barber. In this article, you will get an inside look on some stuff that Barber does at practice and what some of his teammates have to say about him. We haven’t seen the last of Shawn, so flip on over and take a look!
Who is still guilty of snacking on some not-so-good-for-you foods? Nutrition can be hard, but as pole vaulters we need to focus on what goes into our bodies just as much as we focus on drills.

Sadie Lovett has teamed up with Stacy Dragila to help you get into a good-nutrition lifestyle. Here they give you ideas on what to snack on and what you should try to avoid. If you want to be successful at pole vault, cutting out processed foods is the way you need to go. So put down that bag of chips, and see what Stacy suggests you to do—you won’t be sorry!
On the cover this month is the Illinois State University Redbirds. This small but mighty team and their new vault coach, Mary Wood, have been making themselves know in the Missouri Valley Conference. With massive PR’s and new technique in just one season, these vaulters have much more success to come! Though there may not be many of them now, their program will grow because of the dedication Coach Wood has for her team! Great story and great team for you to enjoy!
We hope everyone is having a great season. Keep us updated on how you are doing by tagging us on our social medias—we love seeing you all improve! Remember to never give up and to work hard at what you love to do! Until next month, thank you for sticking around with us!



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