Merry Christmas from masters chainsaw model Kay Glynn in Iowa

In her latest Merry Christmas photo greeting, W60 multi-eventer Kay Glynn poses with her pole-shortening tool. She writes: “We’ve barely had any snow this year in our part of Iowa, but just having a little on the ground made it an appropriate day for my 7th annual Christmas card photo session! This year entitled: Fact AND Fiction. Fact? I really DO saw, split and gather wood for our stove and fireplace. Fiction? All right, I don’t wear this outfit for gathering firewood.” Kay says she has two months left before her resurfaced right hip is cleared to “freestyle with tapping, jogging and cartwheeling! However, via videos, my doctor in South Carolina cleared me to do a few specific fun things (modified) once a week until I hit that 6-month mark. I’m happily rehabbing in Iowa. Check it out on YouTube.” Kay is such a crackup. But unlike my jokes, she’s the real deal athletically. Holiday greetings to Kay and everyone else.





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