** Missing Murrieta Valley High School, California – Pole Vault Poles ***

We finally have a list of a percentage of the missing poles that not only Vaulter Magazine donated, but the poles that the school bought. Somehow they walked in a short couple of years. Nothing else was missing from the bin, that was high value, just the poles. So if someone gave you these poles, they were wrong. They were not their poles to give away. A large amount of goods and gear still remained in the bin, to include many power tools that were brand new for raffling, hurdles, pole bags, chairs and other high end items. You would think that someone would see a person walking down the street with 26 plus poles.
Upon review, the powers that be already know that when the last coach left and moved out of state, he left the poles to a family. Said named family were reported to have stored the poles and that is the last known placement of the poles. Below you will see the pole inventory that we know are missing since the last inventory. There are quite a few more.
Murrieta Valley High School, Murrieta, California
The sad part is the fact that these are school poles that belong to the kids. The school refunded the coach the money that he spent on the poles. So when you look down and check your flex and serial numbers and you find one of the missing poles, please contact us, the school, or the authorities.
Some will say that they may have broken; if this is the case, that is a lot of broken poles. None the less, someone knows where they are and once confronted they will eventually talk. The people or club that has these poles can easily do the right thing and bring the poles back to the bin prior to the season. In order for the future pole vaulters to use some poles they need to be returned.
This is why you always inventory the pole selection right away when you open the bin. Keep that inventory on hand and deliver it to the school so they have a copy prior to the coach leaving or a club coming on board. This is a practice that we use so that the school knows exactly what poles they have on hand. This way the school knows, the coach, and the club are all on the same page.
Skypole 12′ 120# Serial Number 2008030306 Perchase 2002 Flex 22.3
Mystick Carbon 13′ #110 Serial Number 5-4-00-27.2 Purchased 2002 Flex 27.2
Skypole 13’6″ #150 Serial Number 200801350 Purchased 1998 Flex 20.4
Pacer FX 13’6 # 165 Serial Number 3-27-02-17.2 Purchased 1998 Flex 17.2
Catapole 13’6″ #165 Serial Number 92-17a-05 Purchased 1995 Flex 17.4
Pacer FX 14’6″ # 150 Serial Number 4-4-02-21.6 Purchased ? Flex 21.6
PacerFX 14’6″ #160 Serial Number 200300587 Purchased 2006
Skypole 14’6″ #155 Serial Number 200512007 Purchased 1995 Flex 20.8
Pacer FX 14’6″ #165 Serial Number 94-19.0-18 Purchased 2005 Flex 19
PacerFX 14’6″ 165 Serial Number ?? MFG 1999 Flex ?
PacerFX 15′ $165 Serial Number 200501917 MFG 2007 Flex ?
PacerFX 15′ #170 Serial Number 200500308 MFG 2002 Flex 18.5
Pacer III Carbon 15′ #180 Serial Number ? MFG 2010 Flex ?
Spirit 15’7″ #170 Serial Number 2010 MFG 1998 Flex 22.4
Spirit 15’7″ #175 Serial Number 2006 MFG 2000 Flex 24.2
Spirit 16′ #190 Serial Number 98-16-6-11.5 MFGG 2003 Flex 11.5
Poles missing that were donated by Vaulter Magazine
Essx 12′ #140
Essx 14′ 140
Essx 13′ 135
Essx 13’9″ 145
Essx ?
Essx ?
Essx ?
These numbers and details are being looked up. We know we donated seven poles in total and have pictures of the day they were delivered, unwrapped and displayed.
The day that Vaulter Magazine donated (7) seven poles to the high school.
The day that Vaulter Magazine donated (7) seven poles to the high school.


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