MMC Sets The Bar High

Mount Marty College signed three area athletes for its pole vaulting program, and all three placed in their respective state meets.

Emily Boyle from Creighton, Nebraska, and Adam Haigh from Bloomfield, Nebraska, as well as Christina Herrboldt from Menno, will join the Lancers starting this fall.

The recruiting process was pretty painless for the athletes, they said.

“The recruiting process started with my high school coach mentioning to me that a Mount Marty coach was interested in me for pole vault, so I filled out a questionnaire and Coach (Randy) Fischer contacted me that same day. Everything from there went very smooth,” Herrboldt said.

“I felt the recruiting process went very smoothly. I talked to Coach Fisher a few times and it sounded like a great program,” Boyle said.

Because Mount Marty is a smaller school, these small town kids felt it was a better fit for them, Herrboldt said.

“I won’t be known as just a number, I’ll be known as an actual person in my classes,” she said.

Joining a program looking to make waves in pole vault was an attractive quality, Haigh said.

“I knew I wanted a smaller school and Mount Marty took interest in me,” he said. “I choose Mount Marty because they are looking to build their pole vaulting program and I think I can help them.”

“Mount Marty is a place where I can excel in education along with athletics,” Boyle said.

The athletes aren’t too worried about the transition from high school athletics to college.

“I think it will be just fine,” Haigh said. “I love pole vaulting and will handle the work load to the best of my abilities.”

“There will be a lot more really tough competition in college, but I am excited to begin a new season,” Boyle said.

These athletes have set the bar high with their goals.

“I want to clear 12 feet by the time I graduate, and also to maybe even qualify for nationals,” said Boyle, who holds her high school’s record of 10 feet.

Adam Haigh’s goal is simple, he said.

“My goal is to be an All American pole vaulter.”

Said Herrboldt, “My goal is to do the best that I can, never give up and not take a college sport for granted. Athletes never know when it is going to be their last meet or game.”




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