From the first day I pole vaulted, I knew. 
If I was going to go to college, I was going to LSU. 
That was never a question. 
It was a family thing. 
My mom and dad met at LSU. My brothers came to LSU. Before I ever stepped foot on campus, I was a Tiger. 
Still, I had a decision to make. 
If I was going to college was up in the air. After finishing high school, I had to choose: pole vault professionally, or go to school. 
In the end, I chose LSU. Or maybe LSU chose me. 
Either way, it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. 
As an athlete, I grew. Training in world-class facilities helped me improve drastically. 
So did training alongside world-class athletes. My teammates pushed me to new heights this year. Every day, whether it was training, work outs, or meet days, they set the bar high. When I was tired, they pushed me into an extra gear. When I was complacent, they challenged me to do better. When I was discouraged, they infused me with confidence. 
Competing as a Tiger changed me forever. There’s this perception that track and field is an individual sport, and in many cases, that’s true. 
But every time I jumped this year, I knew I wasn’t just jumping for myself. My teammates were counting on me, and that created a pressure that I never had experienced before. 
I loved it. It made me better…

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