Multi-sport Marshfield athlete finds success in pole vault

COOS BAY, Ore. – Hunter Drops has found success in many different sports, which made it tough when he could only play one each season.

“It was a little bit of a challenge for us to get him to do track initially because he’s just as good of a baseball player,” said Mac McIntosh, Marshfield High School’s track coach.Drops uses his baseball skills to excel in the javalin, but it’s in the pole vault – where he ranks second in state – that he really soars.

“It’s unique,” Drops said of the pole vault. “It happens really quick, and you can’t say in many other sports you get to go 15, 16 feet in the air. It’s just something you got to know that you want to do.”

As a freshman, Drops broke Marshfield High School’s freshman record, jumping over 14 feet on the pole vault.

His attention to detail is what contributes to his success.

“He’s a good student, and he’s a student of the sport as well,” his coach said, “which is why he does so well in technical events.”

“A lot of technical work,” Drops said of his preparation. “A lot of days I don’t even get in the pit, I just spend running on the field working on plants and then slowly progressing to higher heights.”




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