Daven Murphree lives on his grandparents’ ranch with his mother Dina. Only a junior in high school, he has already won the State Pole Vaulting Class 2A title twice, and came in second to the high school world record holder in Houston at the Junior Olympics.

His grandfather, Lee Murphree has been a real influence on Daven’s performance and on his development as a young man. Daven started pole vaulting in the 8th grade, and his grand father took Daven to a private coach for four years and where both Daven and Lee have learned alot about the sport. So Lee works closely with Daven on his technique, and on his training routine. Like the Olympians we just saw in England, Daven is working to test just how far he can go.

Can he reach the potential God gave him? And yet, when he competed in New York at a national meet, The New Balance Indoor Meet at the Armory in Manhattan. observers were stunned at Daven’s willingness to work with other Texan vaulters he was competing with; to help them do better and improve. This shared comraderie betwee the five Texans who participated in the event relfects something special and yet common to athletes from Texas. This sure didn’t look like the “cut throat” competitive spirit of some one who sees only winning as important. Must be a Christian thing, or maybe it’s a country thang? Or may be a Texas thang! .

by: Mark Vogl

from: http://www.nolanchart.com/article9784-rural-america-is-always-the-last-to-get-the-message.html

David Murphree
David Murphree

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