7-4-10, 7-5-17 When the number of entries dictates, the games committee may assign competitors to flights of no less than five competitors for preliminary competition or may conduct the event in continuous flights. In continuing flights, the first five competitors as determined by the games committee constitute a flight. As a competitor clears the bar, passes at turn at the height or is eliminated, the next competitor in order will be moved up so that the number of competitors in the active flight will be constant.

Defines the minimum number of competitors in a flight and eliminates the maximum number of competitors in a flight. Further clarifies the use of “five alive” and the procedure to follow to end “five alive” in an orderly fashion.
7-5-2 The vaulting pole may be of any material and of any length and diameter. It may have a binding of layers of adhesive tape of uniform thickness on the grip end. However, the plant end of the pole may be protected by layers of tape, PVC, sponge rubber or other suitable material to protect the pole when placed in the planting box.
Rationale: Eliminates the limit of the requirement for only two layers of tape and requires the tape to be of uniform thickness. Does not remove the intent that a competitor cannot build a knob type grip to enhance his/her performance.

7-5-25, 7-5-29 new i No person shall be allowed to touch the vaulting pole except the pole may be caught by an assigned official, designated pole catcher or the competitor, when circumstances warrant, but never to prevent the pole from dislodging the crossbar which would result in a foul.
Rationale: Clarifies who may touch or catch the pole and under what circumstances touching the pole is not allowed. The touch or catch by the competitor that prevents the crossbar from being dislodged is a foul.

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Pole Vaulting
Pole Vaulting

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