New, $1 million Woodlawn track complex fulfills a dream

When Dwayne and Karen Bowman put together the master plan for what would become Woodlawn School nearly 15 years ago, part of it was having top-notch athletic facilities for the private school’s students.

That plan finally took a big step toward completion, with the official dedication of the school’s Alumni Track and Field complex on Sept. 6.

“It’s been a part of the master plan since 2002, but we really didn’t get serious about doing it until recently,” Dwayne Bowman said. “We had other priorities to take care of first, but it’s been planned since the beginning.”

Once the other priorities were taken care of, however, Bowman said the planning and fundraising for the Alumni Track and Field complex – located near the main entrance of Woodlawn School’s 61-acre facility in Mooresville – began in early 2015.

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