New Calendars Available For Sale – High School boys and Elite

Boys High School, Elite Series One and Elite Series Two all on sale starting today!  Go to to get your calendar with your athlete in it today! Or you can just


Below are the names that are within each of the calendars.

Boys High School

Sam Martin

Raja Rajcic

Ian West

Ryan Ashenbremer

Nathan O’Connor

Zach Bradford

Tristan Slater

Nathan Heck

Carter Mathis

Zack Green

Chandlar Ifft

Sondre Guttormsen

Elite Series One

Megan Gray

Sandi Morris

Shawn Barber

Jack Whitt

Sam Kendricks

Mark Hollis

Mary Saxer

April Steiner Bennet

Renaud Lavillenie

Katie Nageotte

Pauls Pujats

Demi Payne

Elite Series Two

Steve Lewis

Katarina Krier

Sean Young

Tori Pena

Kat Majester

Mellisa Gergel

Logan Cunningham

Jeff Coover

Kelsie Elizabeth Ahbe

Nick Mossberg

Mike Arnold

Jordan Scott

Thank you for choosing us when you buy your pole vaulting gear and supplies.  We are very thankful and do our best to help the pole vaulting community as a whole.

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