New Cover for June 2012

Working on the front cover is no ordinary feat for the VAULTER Magazine staff. There is more effort for this to take place than you can image.  Right now the front cover is blank, but soon you will see the images of Kylie Hutson (USA) and Steve Lewis (UK) gracing the cover with their athleticism.

For now the issues are set and the topics are raised for the final haul into the last weeks of the printing process and delivery.

VAULTER Magazine is in the works setting up a custom subscription plan for the magazine so the reader can subscribe on a monthly basis. This will streamline the process, set a standard rate, eliminate shipping charges, and more for the reader.

We would like to ultimately provide the magazine for free for all of the readers!  We are looking for Advertisers to sponsor the magazine on a monthly basis and place the business name on the bottom left corner of the magazine where the bar code is.  Until that day comes, we will continue to bring the magazine to you in the current form.

Thank you

The VAULTER Magazine

June Cover


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