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Now is the time of year where things get busy. School is starting again, fall sports are starting up again; things are just hectic. We have some very interesting articles this month that will give you something worth stopping and enjoying.

Bubba Sparks has written more wonderful advice for us to take in. This month he is talking about starting over with a clean slate. In training, and in life, starting over has its benefits and Bubba has an insightful perspective on this. Please catch this master vaulter’s words of wisdom.

Penny Hanson has graced us with more of her wisdom as well. She reminds us that getting into college does not mean we have to give up who we are or stress out about getting involved in activities we don’t care for. However, she does let us know that planning ahead is very important; you will see why when you read her article. Make sure to listen carefully to what she has to say this month.

And a special story we have this month is a unique perspective from San Diego State University’s all-women pole vault team. That’s right – all women! Ladies, get ready to learn about a great team fueled by girl power! You are sure to enjoy learning about this team and what they are accomplishing. It is amazing!

We look forward to a great pole vaulting season. Good luck to all of you, wherever you may be at this moment in time. Stay tuned for more great things to come.

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