Nordic Introduces new vaulting poles

As the only sports company outside USA to manufacturer the new vaulting poles, with super fast deliveries around the world, we a glad to introduce new updated poles with new Design!

So what have we done?

The concept behind Nordics new pole is to allow the vaulter to put more energy into the pole through the take off and inversion phase. More energy into the pole means more energy back at the top of the pole. Meaning Higher Heights!

So we have experimented with the first layer of the pole and the sail piece.
We really cannot get more into the details of what we exactly have done with the sail piece and the 1st layer, since it is a company secret now.

After 2 years of experiments we have come up with the following with Fiber Pole:
• Better balance
• More homogenous
• More predictable, gives more time for INVERSION
• Better kick-back than our old poles
• Gives pole vaulter possibility to use a stiffer pole
• Lighter with a smaller grip

The Evo2 Carbon pole:
• Same but…
• More explosive kick-back
• Even lighter and even smaller grip
• But, harder to bend
• Suited for skilled vaulters

We have had a secret Pole Vaulter try out the pole recently, lets call him the Stig. This is what he sad:
“The new movement pattern/technology has allowed all our vaulters who have jumped on it to date, to clear higher heights. Whether the vaulter is ‘under’ / missed their take off mark, or not. This is achieved by the new movement pattern/design/technology. Every vaulter must be in the right position (upside down) to get maximum height off the pole, the new movement pattern is specifically designed to Retain & Relay (back to the vaulter) the maximum amount of energy into the Vertical Height”
– Stig the secret pole vaulter and coach

So order new poles now and get that Higher Heights!

The price starts from 295 Euro.


Nordic Vaulting Poles
Nordic Vaulting Poles

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