Northeast US Post-College and Masters Vaulters 2016 #2 – Jenn Suhr breaks World Record!

Jenn Suhr F33 (Adidas) vaulted 5.03 (16’6”) today (Jan.30.2016) at Brockport College in NY to break her own Indoor World Record of 5.02 from the 2013 USA Indoor Championships.

At the same meet Zach Ferrara M24 (Rochester Rockback) vaulted 5.22 to take over the post-college lead from Craig van Leeuwen M28 (Garden State TC) who’s vaulted 5.16 this season.

Mary Saxer F28 (Nike) vaulted 4.71 at the Reno Pole Vault Summit on Jan.15 to make the World Indoor standard.

Janice Keppler F28 of Suhr Sports vaulted 4.31 at Kent State on Jan.16 to make the USA Indoor Championships standard.

Flo Meiler F81 (80-84 World Record Holder) opened her year with a 1.76 (5’9.25”) which is the second highest (to Jenn Suhr) vault by any woman 30 or older in the Northeast United States so far this season.

2016 “Highest Vault in the Northeast US for Anyone My Age or Older”


0-33+, Jenn Suhr, F33, NY, 4.91, 16’1.25″, Jan.16, Kent State, Adidas and Suhr Sports

34-81+, Flo Meiler, F81, VT, 1.76, 5’9.25″, Jan.10, Dartmouth Relays, Shelburne VT


0-22+, Adam Bragg, M22, NJ, 5.43, 17’9.75″, Dec.11, Princeton, Princeton Alumni

23-24+, Zach Ferrara, M24, NY. 5.22, 17’1.5″, Jan.30, Brockport, Rochester Rockback

25-28+, Craig van Leeuwen, M28, NJ, 5.16, 16’11”, Dec.5, Yale, Garden State

29-33+, Brian Mondschein, M33, PA, 4.90, 16’0.75″, Jan.9, Ocean Breeze Staten Island, Philly Jumps

34-35+, Adam Keul, M35, NH, 4.60, 15’1″, Dec.12, Plymouth State, Plymouth State Coach

36-41+, Ben Simonet, M41, NY, 4.50, 14’9″, Jan.15, Reno Summit, Flying Circus

42-47+, Mark Cortazzo, M47, NJ, 3.81, 12’6″, Nov.28, APEX Vaulting, APEX

48-53+, Jim Tylock, M53, MA, 3.80, 12’5.5″, Dec.5, Reggie Lewis Boston, Patriot

54-63+, Carlton Huff, M63, NJ, 3.20, 10’6″, Dec.26, Armory Open Sprint Night, Shore AC

64-74+, John Andresen, M74, NY, 3.07, 10’1″, Dec.5, Flying Circus, Warehouse LI

75-80+, Joe Paradine, M80, PA, 2.13, 7’0″, Jan.10, Chester PA, Philadelphia Masters




From: Reggie Henderson

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