Norwegian Vaulter Kristian Hansen Bruvik clearing 14

“This is me, Kristian Hansen Bruvik, a 18 year old Norwegian pole vaulter. I’ve been doing pole vault for about 2 years now, so this is kinda new to me. A very exiting event, that i really enjoy and are getting better at, i made the Norwegian qualifications height (420cm or 14 feet) and going to compete indoor and outdoor at the Norwegian senior competition. I’m also jumping with Eirik Dolve (one of the best pole vaulters last year in the 17 year old class) and Thorbjørn Tholo which is a 2m tall jumping machine! and Pål Haugen Lillefosse who is a great 11 year old vaulter, he is going to take the European record for boys 11 which is 330 and Påls PB is 322.”


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