November 2018 Baylor University Issue of Vaulter Magazine Cover On Sale Now

November 2018 Baylor University Issue of Vaulter Magazine Cover On Sale Now

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Fall break is and always be a great time for athletes to look back and prepare for the future of pole vaulting. If you’re one of the lucky ones and don’t get a fall break, then continue to study and practice your craft.


Pole Vault news, “Local man a pole vault champion at age 85” At 85 years old, Bob Arledge was in a seaside town in Spain enjoying a 110-degree day. (2018). (


“Alabama Track & Field Hires Ryan Hays as Pole Vault, and Multi-Events Coach” University of Alabama track & field head coach Dan Waters announced on Wednesday the hiring of Ryan Hays as the program’s pole vault and multi-events coach.  (2018). (


On the cover, we have Baylor University. The Vaulter Magazine team traveled to Waco Texas and beyond last month to visit two Universities for our upcoming covers. Coach Richards and his team were top notch and had a lot to be proud of. “However, Brandon’s significance in the sport isn’t just about who his father is. “I began vaulting at the age of five,” explains Brandon, who, in 1985, went on to jump 18’2”, a US high school national record that stood for fourteen years.” As you can see, Samantha has done a great job with this article, and there is plenty of information and history with this article. Good work!


Endurance can make or break an athlete and their team. When push comes to shove, you either have endurance, or you have a lot of work to do. Kreager Taber writes, “While there is credibility to the argument that vaulters only need “fast twitch” muscle fibers to sprint down the runway and generate enough speed to jump effectively, the development of “fast twitch” or “slow twitch” muscle fibers is not mutually exclusive.” Endurance training 101 is what this article is all about. Good job Kreager!


Hold tight as we finish off yet another year. Holidays are right around the corner, and soon you will be home with your family. Next month we have Stephen F. Austin on the cover.

Baylor University Pole Vault Team

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