November 2023 Mondo Duplantis World record

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It’s November, and we’re in the midst of the most exciting time of the year. Our fall training is in full swing, meet schedules have been finalized, and we’re charging ahead into the future. This month, our magazine cover features the world record holder. As we approach the holiday season, the crisp, cool weather is all around us. Before you know it, you’ll be home for the holidays, visiting your friends and family members.

On the Cover:

In this edition, we feature Mondo Duplantis on our cover, celebrating his remarkable world record-breaking pole vaulting performance. Mondo Duplantis, widely regarded as one of the greatest pole vaulters of all time, astounded the world by breaking the world record for the seventh time during the Diamond League Final in Eugene, Oregon in September 2023.


The Crucial Role of Hydration in Pole Vaulting Performance:

Hydration is paramount for pole vaulters, as it significantly impacts their strength, endurance, and overall well-being. Dehydration can impair physical and mental performance, as the human body is predominantly water, with dehydration leading to thicker blood, decreased muscle function, and a higher risk of cramping and injury. Mentally, dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, and reduced concentration. To combat this, pole vaulters should follow hydration guidelines, such as pre-exercise water intake, regular hydration during exercise, and the consumption of sports drinks for electrolyte replenishment. Monitoring urine color and adapting to environmental conditions are also crucial for maintaining optimal hydration. In essence, proper hydration is an essential component of pole vault training and performance.

A Pole Vault Hall of Fame: Long Overdue Recognition:

Within the realm of sports, numerous Hall of Fame institutions honor athletes across diverse fields, yet conspicuously absent is a dedicated Pole Vault Hall of Fame. Despite its rich history, profound athleticism, and passionate following, the sport of pole vaulting has long been overlooked in this regard. In this article, we delve into the compelling reasons for the necessity of such an institution and the oversight that has persisted. Furthermore, we address the National Pole Vault Hall of Fame, which, while in existence, has faced scrutiny for its omissions of notable athletes. Pole vaulting, with its unique blend of strength, speed, and technique, deserves a dedicated Hall of Fame to celebrate excellence, preserve its history, inspire future generations, and foster a sense of community within its dedicated enthusiasts. Establishing a true Pole Vault Hall of Fame, free from biases and limitations, is an endeavor that can rectify this long-standing oversight and provide a comprehensive and inclusive platform for recognizing the sport’s luminaries.

Next issue:

In the upcoming issue, we’ve got an exciting lineup that includes a comprehensive year in review, the perfect pole vaulting gifts for the holiday season, insights into holiday training, and much more. Stay tuned for a packed issue that celebrates the achievements of 2023 and offers great ideas for both athletes and enthusiasts to make the most of the festive season.

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