Friendly competition is always a healthy motivator in athletics.  Not only can competition against rival teams keep you on your toes and at your best, but competition among teammates can also push an athlete to go even further.  While competition with teammates can be a good thing, it is not always easy.  Kayla Coffee shares with us this month about her experience with competition amongst her own team.  While she knows the experience did make her a better vaulter, she also struggled with her emotions.  Most athletes can relate to these emotions, and we know you will find Coffee’s words helpful.

In addition, speaking of competition, we have compiled a list of the top 10 NCAA men’s & women’s pole vaulters for the 2014 season.  Look to see who may be on top for this season- and see some great stats and information on how the list has changed.

In addition, as has become the custom, we have yet another great article from Bubba Sparks with more vaulting advice.  This time he talks more about vault technique and how to set up for efficient practice and evaluation.  His advice is always wise, and we know this time will be no different.  Do not miss it.

Penny Hanson, our “College Connection” writer, has also come through again with a great story about Ethan Rinchik- a walk-on college vaulter.  She shows us how it can be possible to live the dream of vaulting in college.  Rinchik is now a freshman at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri and his story is inspiring.  We know you will enjoy reading his story and hope it will show those of you with college vaulting aspirations that it is possible.

Last, but not least, we have our cover story on European vaulter, Tori Pena.  Pena started out with Irish dancing and found her way to pole vaulting, as well as finding her way to the Irish vaulting team.  She has a unique story we can all enjoy, and she openly shares her experience- the good and the bad.

Thank you, as always, for reading.  We wish you a great start to the holiday season.  See you in December with more great stories and information.


November 2013 Cover Vaulter Magazine
November 2013 Cover Vaulter Magazine

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