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Top weight-loss strategies: We’re fast closing in on the holiday season, when Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas cookies can cause significant weight gain. Instead of beginning the new year with one of those dreaded resolutions to shed a few pounds, take a proactive approach and drop a little weight in advance of the holiday onslaught. But what are the best ways to lose weight? Nutrition Fox asked 22 nutrition experts from around the country to share their personal top 3 strategies to lose weight, and some of their responses are surprising.

  • Dietitian Lindsay Livingston recommends avoiding “diet foods,” which often are loaded with long lists of unnecessary foods. Eating simple, whole foods is a better approach.
  • Dietitian Heather Mason cautions against drinking your calories, since alcohol, soda pop and many fancy coffee drinks contain lots of empty calories, with almost no nutrients or fiber.
  • Dietitian Lauren Gibson says that you shouldn’t be afraid of judiciously using a few healthy fats, since low-fat foods are often loaded with sugar.
  • And dietitian Diane Boyd recommends making a mental shift and avoiding the diet mentality entirely. Dieting erodes your trust in food, she says.

That’s just the start of the great tips worth considering as fall and the holidays kick into high gear. (Nutrition Fox)

Mushrooms help with meatless meals: Fall mushrooms are glorious and full of flavor, with a meaty quality that is perfect for people trying to eat less meat, either through Meatless Mondays or incorporating more plant-based meals into their diet. Everyday Health has 5 ideas for using them to make great meatless meals, including a recipe for mushroom tacos with Mexican brown rice that I can’t wait to try. (Everyday Health)

Food finds around the web: Here are some food morsels worth chewing on.

  • Do vegan foods cause depression? Ginny Messina says that bad food choices, not vegan food overall, are behind the problems of food and mood that some ex-vegans claim to have experienced. (The Vegan RD)
  • Now that the kids are back in school, it’s worth looking at how to make those lunches healthy. Aradhana Pandey has great tips for getting kids to eat nutritious foods, including how to make lunches look fun. (Veg Kitchen)
  • What’s fall’s most-popular vegetable? It’s not what you think. (The Huffington Post)




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