Nutrition Tips for Kids Who Are Into Sports

It is a complex situation trying to feed kids these days. But it is a different story trying to provide a complete nutrition to kids who are active in sports. Kids are normally active, but when they move over from simple kid activities into some serious elementary sports, that is when a child’s athletic diet should be considered.

Parents should be guided accordingly as to what to give to their kids who are very active in sports. It is not just giving all the food your daughter or son wants, but also, what they truly need. If you desire your children to have a healthy life suitable for their activity level, you, as their parents, should find new means to make sure they are suitably nourished. This article will impart tips to achieve the right nutrition for kids who adore sports.

Plan your trip to the grocery

Ask your child his/her timetable for games, workouts, and practices. Assess what your child needs. This way you have the luxury to plan what you want to prepare for your kids. Planned meals will save your kids from resorting to fast food burgers and quick junk foods. Also, this will save you time in doing your regular grocery shopping.

Make meals personalized

Homemade meals may not be deeply appreciated by kids, but it is important. It need not be something copied from gourmet recipe books or very stylishly done. Simple healthy snacks with a little of parental touch will do. Stuff your kid’s lunchbox with a balanced meal like a healthy chicken sandwich, an apple and his/her favorite sports drink.

But if you are a parent who leads busy life even more than an average person, you cannot always afford to regularly wake up early every morning to prepare a healthy lunch. You can trust school canteens to play kitchen by proxy.  But check first if the cafeteria is a disciple of healthy living. School eateries these days have listened to the call of concerned citizens and organizations to start serving healthy alternatives for sodas and oily fries. Teach your child to select the healthy food items on their school eatery’s menu list. Try and make your athletic child understand the importance of proper nutrition, and how it can affect his/her sports performance.

Pre-game meals

Offer a complex carbohydrate to your child two to three hours before every game. This fuels your athlete with the energy he/she needs during the sporting game and they will not feel hungry in the middle of it. Complex carboydrates are easier to digest than the other macronutrients. Do not ever think that high proteins or foods rich in fats can suffice as this will only alter your kid’s sport performance. Examples of complex carbohydrates your child could benefit from are wheat breads, healthy pastas and cereals.

Fluids, fluids, fluids

Kids drop water easily than adults. This is the reason why dehydration is a dangerous situation for the young people. During games or even practice, it is only proper to replace the fluids that have been lost. Hand your children healthy sports drinks and water bottles every training sessions and sporting game event. Have your child drink plenty of fluids before, during and after a game. Educate your son/daughter the essence of being well hydrated throughout the game. This is to motivate him/her to drink fluids without somebody reminding him/her. Increase liquid intake if sporting events are held outdoors. There is no room for carbonated and caffeinated beverages on occasions like this.

Children will be children. They will not be so conscious about their nutrition unless informed and supervised. So, it is the responsibilities of the adults to educate, implement, and always remind their kids, especially those who are sports lovers, how significant healthy nutrition is to sound health and athletic performance.

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